What’s Cheaper – Phentermine Or Weight Loss Classes

Phentermine is a commonly prescribed drug used to help people with weight loss. It is classified as a psycho stimulant drug, affecting neurological activity in the brain. The brain is the powerhouse of every system in the body, including the digestive system. Phentermine is an amphetamine and helps to suppress appetite essentially by fooling the brain.



It is often prescribed as a weight loss/diet pill and has shown to be effective for many patients. It is usually prescribed to individuals who are obese or who may be at risk due to being overweight. Phentermine is prescribed as a short-term prescription and the ideal results are achieved when the user combines the drug with diet changes as well as exercise. While it helps to suppress appetite, it is important to ensure that you are eating a healthy and well-balanced diet that will provide important vitamins and minerals. Exercise is not only important for weight loss but for overall health, and it’s strongly recommended that individuals who are taking phentermine engage in regular physical activity. As with any weight loss plan, it is necessary to consult with your doctor about changes in diet and exercise. Phentermine is approved domestically through the United States Food and Drug Administration. This approval occurred in 2012, after a large amount of research and positive results with participants. There is still a large amount of research currently occurring with this effective weight loss drug. Much of this research is examining how phentermine interacts with other drugs to help users to better reach their weight loss goals. There are various brands of phentermine that can be taken in varying doses. This helps to curtail prescriptions to the needs of each individual. Your doctor will help you to decide what the best dosage is, as well as recommend the best diet plan and exercise routine for your weight loss goals.

One question that many consumers have is whether they will pay more money for using phentermine or for taking weight loss classes that help individuals to stay on their weight loss plan that includes diet, exercise, and other lifestyle changes. Costs for each of these options may vary among various pharmacies and among various weight loss programs. Let’s examine some of the possible costs. First off, with phentermine being a prescription drug, an individual will need to schedule an appointment with a physician to receive the prescription. The cost of this initial visit as well as subsequent visits will vary depending upon the doctor you choose to see and your health care provider. Some insurance agencies cover more than others, so it will be up to you to find out these specific costs. However, when it comes to the cost of the phentermine itself, various pharmacies can offer different prices. The following is a list of Phentermine prices for some of the most common pharmacies located in the United States (cost for 30 day prescription):

  1. Target: $36.00
  2. CVS: $37.00
  3. K-Mart: $53.00
  4. Rite-Aid: $46.00

Keep in mind, these are average monthly costs for an individual who is covered by insurance. Prices may vary according to region, insurance provider, and dosage amount. Various websites such as goodrx.com have coupons and deals for individuals to use in the pharmacy to save money on Phentermine and various other prescriptions, so it is worth while to check out this or other websites and talk with your doctor and/or pharmacist about pricing options.

Now, let’s examine some of the average costs of some of the most popular weight loss classes and programs. The following are average costs and may vary according to region and the specific needs of the individual. The following are some average monthly costs of various programs:

  1. Weight Watchers: $716.00
  2. Nutrisystem: $529.00
  3. Atkins: $948.00
  4. South Beach Diet: $818.00

It is easy to see how much money an individual who is trying to fight obesity stands to save by using a phentermine prescription as opposed to certain weight loss programs. As always, talk with your doctor about any weight loss methods you are interested in. if you are suffering with obesity that is affecting your overall health, your physician very well may decide that phentermine is a good option for you.

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