Phentermine And Weight Loss After Pregnancy

​Phentermine is a prescription medication that is used to help to suppress appetite in those who are obese and whose weight may cause risk of comorbid disorders.



​Obesity can significantly increase the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and even premature death, not to mention the psychological damage that can come along with struggling unsuccessfully to lose weight. This personal struggle can create a vicious cycle of stress and cortisol that can lead to more difficulty in shedding the extra pounds. However, many people have had great success with a prescription drug called Phentermine. This medication can only be obtained through a doctor’s prescription at a pharmacy. If you feel that you are at risk due to your inability to lose weight, then consult with your physician to see if Phentermine is right for you. It is simply taken daily, usually just before or after a healthy and well-rounded breakfast and is prescribed alongside lifestyle changes that include a reduction in daily caloric intake as well as an increase in physical activity. Let’s review some personal success stories from individuals who have changed their life with a Phentermine prescription.

​Phentermine has an 8.9 rating out of 10 on, which is a pretty high rating for a weight loss drug. Several commentators note that they lost 30 pounds or more while using Phentermine, usually in about a two month time period. They lost inches from target areas all over the body and dropped many clothing sizes, fitting into clothes they never thought they would be able to fit into again. Some commentators even noted that they were suffering with bouts of depression, which made their struggles more difficult, but Phentermine gave them the energy and motivation they needed to make a change. They had more energy, less cravings, and finally began to lose the weight they had been trying to lose for months and even years. Commentators noted that they were more easily able to work out while using Phentermine and their energy levels stayed up while using this prescription drug. These commentators come from all walks of life, different races, sexes, and ages, and all had dramatic weight loss results. Users note that their confidence is way up, leaving them more motivated even when they had stopped taking the prescription. One look at any website with Phentermine reviews will show how happy and satisfied patients have been with their results.

Many women find it to be a very difficult struggle to shed the extra weight after pregnancy and birth. While it is not recommended for pregnant women, those who may become pregnant, or those who are breast feeding, for women who are done with this phase of motherhood, Phentermine may be a very viable option to help to lose weight. User Krystal Capell from shared her personal experience in 2010 when she started taking Phentermine to help lose the weight she was unable to shed after baby. Her weight loss goal was to lose 40 pounds. Anyone who is looking to lose weight knows that this can be a very daunting number and the stress of being unsuccessful can make matters worse. Krystal Capell first noticed her energy levels increase starting at day one. She was more motivated to work out and her energy remained even after her workout that day. Over the first several days, she noticed her energy levels remaining high with motivation to get more done and to exercise more. She reported a loss of two pounds on just her third day! For those of you who have struggled with dieting and weight loss, you know that this is a remarkable result. In just one month, she reported that she lost a whopping 17 pounds! These are incredible results! In just one month she had lost nearly half the weight of her final goal.

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