How To Lose Weight On Phentermine

Phentermine is the leading prescription medication for helping individuals to lose a significant amount of weight.



It is in the drug class of amphetamines and acts as an appetite suppressant. It is approved in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration. This medication is geared towards individuals who are severely overweight or obese and whose health is at risk due to their weight. Phentermine is prescribed to help the individual lose weight and reduce the risk for comorbid disorders such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and premature death. Phentermine is not prescribed without significant lifestyle changes. Those who are prescribed to this drug are required to reduce their daily caloric intake and to increase the amount of physical activity they engage in. Without these two lifestyle changes, a person may not see significant results, if any. Your doctor will make an assessment of your immediate needs based upon your starting weight, your sex, and a number of other factors. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, it is advised that you follow your doctor’s and pharmacist’s orders and stick with your new regimen to shed the pounds and keep in shape and healthy.

​Phentermine is most often prescribed as a dose of 37.5 mg, but this can change based upon the needs of the individual. Various brands and generic forms come in different physical configurations. These range from tablets to capsules to even Phentermine that dissolves on the tongue. This medication can also come along with side effects that the patient should monitor and communicate to their doctor. Some side effects are minor and most do not have them, but any side effects should be noted and reported. If any side effects last long term, it is best to stop use of Phentermine and consult your physician. Often times, your doctor may start you off on a small dose of this drug and then increase it over time until you are at the 37.5 mg dosage. However, if you are experiencing adverse side effects with smaller doses, it is unlikely that your doctor will keep you on this medication. As an amphetamine, this medicine can also come along with withdrawal symptoms when quitting, so your doctor may similarly taper your dosage when you are finished taking it. Phentermine is not to be taken for more than twelve weeks at a time. Your doctor is aware of this and will adjust your prescription accordingly throughout taking this drug.

​As mentioned above, Phentermine is not prescribed alone. The patient is required to diet and exercise along with taking this medication. Similarly to the dosage, your doctor will likely start you out small with exercise and allow you to work up to more intense physical activity. As we have all heard many times throughout our weight loss journeys, aerobic exercise is the best way to burn fat. Many of us shudder at the sound of the word, aerobic, but there are many fun ways to get in aerobic exercise. Just make sure you clear your method or methods with your doctor. Running is not the only aerobic exercise available to us, and it is even not recommended for some individuals. However, you can get an aerobic workout from various activities like team sports, dancing, swimming, power walking, hula hooping, hiking, and so many more activities. Find something you enjoy that won’t seem like work. Many studies involving Phentermine have had participants working out just three days a week for one hour each day. However, once weight loss begins to show results and as individuals get more comfortable working out, many may take it up to five or six days per week. Just make sure your doctor has approved your level of activity and that it is safe for you and your personal health. There are many other ways to engage in physical activity, too, including weight lifting, yoga, Pilates, and many more! Get out there and learn to have fun with exercise. Getting a partner or group together also helps greatly.

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