How Phentermine Can Help Reduce Anxiety

​Phentermine is a prescription medication that is prescribed to individuals who need to lose a substantial amount of weight due to obesity. Obesity, unlike being moderately overweight, can cause serious and critical comorbid disorders that can severely affect the overall health of an individual.



​Some of these comorbid disorders include high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and can even lead to premature death. However, these are only the physiological disorders that can come along with obesity. What about the ways in which obesity can affect mental health? There are many ways that being overweight can affect an individual’s mental and/or emotional health. One common symptom that can come along with obesity is anxiety. The constant worry, not only, about overall personal health but also about how others will react can be just as crippling, if not more crippling, than the obesity itself. Stress and anxiety can also lead to an increased production of cortisol, which in turn, can lead to higher body fat mass. This can be a vicious cycle of stress leading to weight gain and weight gain leading to stress. These are things that nobody desires or needs in their life, and if you are struggling with these issues, please remember, there is help out there.

​How can Phentermine help you with anxiety? Well, for starters, the significant weight loss results that many achieve with Phentermine is one great way to lessen anxiety. As you see the pounds being shed and the clothing sizes going down, you may notice that much of the anxiety you constantly feel is lessening. And as you experience less anxiety and stress over your weight, your body will produce less cortisol, which will in turn help to contribute to further weight loss. ​

This is a much better cycle than the vicious cycle mentioned above. This new cycle can be so life changing and with the drop in pounds and the drop in anxiety, you can achieve your weight loss goals much more quickly and effectively. Phentermine is also prescribed alongside a reduction in caloric intake and an increase in physical activity. Eating a healthy and well-balanced diet with less calories can also indirectly affect anxiety levels. Eating unhealthy foods and overeating can easily lead to more anxiety, especially when weight loss is a serious goal in life. Exercise is also known to help with stress and anxiety levels. If you are working out according to the recommendations for patients who are taking Phentermine, then you anxiety levels should certainly be affected in a positive way.

​One other fact to note regarding diet with Phentermine is that certain chemicals can add to anxiety levels, especially while taking Phentermine. Phentermine is in the amphetamine drug class, so there are certain things you will want to avoid if you are prescribed to this weight loss drug. One of these chemicals to avoid is caffeine. You will have enough extra energy from the Phentermine, alone, that you will not likely need to be ingesting caffeinated beverages. Many people do not know this and think that the Phentermine is causing anxiety, which is most often not the case. However, mixing an amphetamine class drug with caffeine can increase an individual’s heart rate and give the overall feeling of anxiety. Remember to talk with your doctor about these issues if you are going to be prescribed to Phentermine. Some people are simply in the habit of having coffee in the mornings or throughout the day, but you will likely notice that you will simply not need this caffeine to keep you going while you are prescribed to Phentermine.

​At the same time, for many people seeking out Phentermine, there are other solutions before going to the extremes of a prescription medication. Often times, an individual who wants Phentermine simply does not need it because they are not truly obese. It is rarely prescribed to individuals who are only moderately overweight. However, if you fall into this category, you are not alone and there are other options for you. One Phentermine alternative is PhenObestin 37.5. While some people do experience anxiety with PhenObestin, it can often be due to lack of proper diet while taking it and mixing it with more caffeine, just as with Phentermine. However, PhenObestin is an easy to attain over-the-counter supplement that is an all natural neutraceutical. And of course, as always consult with your doctor before taking or using PhenObestin. He or she will have the best guidance for you to help with your weight loss and how to manage the side effects of certain dietary supplements that you may be using to help in your weight loss journey.

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