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Americans have struggled with obesity and weight loss for decades at this point, although the term “obesity epidemic” has only recently gained prominence in the media. As our waistlines have continued to expand, more and more people have sought help from the pharmaceutical industry to supplement their diet and exercise regimen, or to jump start weight loss while providing a boost of energy. Phentermine is one such tool.



A generic pharmaceutical, phentermine has been used for a very long time, and has provided significant benefits for those fighting the “battle of the bulge”, particularly for obese individuals unable to achieve significant or lasting weight loss through the combination of diet and exercise alone.

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However, there are many potential pitfalls with the use of phentermine, and those contemplating using it as a tool to augment their other weight loss efforts must know several key factors before deciding that phentermine is the right choice for their needs.

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How to buy Phentermine?

In order to buy Phentermine, you must be overweight and at the risk of health complications. Only in that instance, if you prove to be healthy enough, doctors may issue a prescription and you can purchase Phentermine at any retail pharmacy. Today, there no shortage of supply and Phentermine can be purchased anywhere, at any licensed dispensary. Doctors are only allowed to issue a prescription for 30 days. Each prescription will list the dosage of Phentermine HCL and it’s type, generic or brand name. Reason why only 30 days is because of potential of side effects, health complications and possible abuse. Doctors are required to closely monitor the use of Phentermine and that’s why when you get a prescription, you can only purchase 30 days supply per prescription.

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America’s Looming Obesity Crisis

To understand why phentermine is so popular, as well as why it is needed to help obese individuals lose weight, it’s necessary to understand a bit more about the obesity crisis in America. Despite ongoing efforts for many decades, the population of the US continues to increase in weight. In fact, despite the glut of low-fat and fat-free foods on the market, Americans have never been fatter.

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), 78 million adults in America are obese, as are 13 million children. Note that these numbers only reflect actual obesity. They are significantly higher when you factor in individuals who are overweight, but not yet considered obese. From 1962 to 2006, obesity in the US more than doubled. In fact, the average American adult today weighs 26 pounds more than in 1950.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over one-third of Americans are now obese. Health conditions related to obesity are also among the most common killers in American society, and include everything from diabetes to heart disease and some types of cancers, as well.

It’s safe to say that the obesity crisis is no longer looming – it’s here, and in full force. However, losing weight is rarely as simple as it seems. While exercise and diet can do wonders for some, many people struggle to lose weight even by restricting their caloric intake and following strict workout regimens. Phentermine and similar weight loss-related pharmaceuticals offer a helping hand.

What Does Phentermine Do?

Phentermine is designed to be an appetite suppressant, and it works similarly to amphetamines in the body. Users experience a boost of energy, while also benefiting from reduced hunger. Combined, these qualities allowed obese individuals to reduce their caloric intake while increasing their daily calorie burn. When combined with diet and exercise, phentermine has proven to be quite an effective tool for achieving significant weight loss.

How to identify fake Phentermine from real?

There plenty of ways to identify fake Phentermine from genuine. First of all, Phentermine 37.5mg is the most common dosage prescribed to patients. You have to look out for signs that it is indeed Phentermine 37.5mg on the label or sometimes it’s even printed on the tablet. Next, you have to do a research on the manufacturer. There only a handful of manufacturers that are licensed to produce medicine in the United States. For example it should be Lannett,Teva or some other brand name maker. The most popular brand name medications with Phentermine are Lomaira, Adipex P and Qsymia. If you for example buy Adipex online, it’s still as illegal as buying Phentermine HCL, because it is main ingredient in this medicine. Also you should look for misspellings. Fake Phentermine makers, purposely renaming Phentermine and missing letters out of the word. Always look out for proper spelling. Look at the back of the label. Real Phentermine will never say something like “Supplement Facts”. If you see that, it’s not a medication and it’s just some type of supplement.

How Effective Is Phentermine?

Phentermine has been proven to be very effective, particularly when used in conjunction with a strict diet and exercise regimen. It is a particularly important tool for obese patients suffering from additional complications, which can include diabetes, high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol. In fact, phentermine is so effective that it has remained the best-selling diet drug in the United States for decades. Today, this single pharmaceutical commands 80% of the weight loss drug market.

What’s the cost of Phentermine and will that be covered by my medical insurance?

The cost of Phentermine ranges from $30 for one month supply, all the way to $500s. Please note that unlike other medications, insurance policy is not going to cover the cost of it, it’s all out of pocket. You may have your insurance company cover the doctor visit. You have to be smart about it. Do not schedule an appointment with your doctor for that purpose. If you do that, doctor will not be able to bill your insurance and you will have to pay out of pocket for the doctor visit. Your cost depends on what type of product you buy. For example, if you buy Adipex online from local pharmacy or physically over the counter, you will have to pay somewhere in the range of $100 for one month supply. If your local pharmacy delivers Adipex to your doorstep, the cost might be higher, because they will charge delivery fee. Please note that ID will be verified when you get Phentermine deliveries to ensure that you are the one with prescription and you are of legal age to use Phentermine products. There is no way to buy Adipex online without prescription, it’s just as illegal as buying any other medications that require prescription to purchase and use. Generic cost is around $30 per bottle, but all you are getting is powder in the capsule. This capsule is very simple and all the powder gets released into your stomach at the same time. There no “fancy” release mechanism like in Adipex, Lomaira or Qsymia brand name Phentermine drugs. If you take Qsymia, the cost starts at $350 for one month supply and goes all the way to $500s, depending on its potency.

Navigating the Many Brands of Phentermine

As mentioned previously, there are quite a few companies that manufacture phentermine. Each of these companies sells their product under a different name. That can lead to a great deal of confusion as you compare your options on the market. Which one is right for you? Is there any real difference between those many brands? What makes each special? Why does it matter if you choose one brand over another – isn’t it all phentermine in the end?

Why Brands Matter

Before we explore some of the better-known brands out there, let’s discuss why they matter in the first place. After all, if you can purchase generic phentermine, or pay a little more for a branded version, you should know why you’re paying more, right?

While all branded forms of phentermine will contain the pharmaceutical as the primary active ingredient, other ingredients in the mix can vary. You’ll also find that the dosage of phentermine (the amount of the pharmaceutical contained in each dose) varies from brand to brand. There is also the fact that some brands offer different forms of the pharmaceutical. Let’s discuss some of these differences:

  • Tablets and Capsules: Both tablets and capsules are taken orally, and they are swallowed at once. They do not need to be chewed. Each delivers a full dose (however much phentermine the manufacturer includes in each tablet/capsule), as well.
  • Time-Released: Some manufacturers make a time-released version of phentermine. This is usually a capsule, but is sometimes a tablet. The key is a special resin used on the creation of the medication that slows down digestion, ensuring that the medicine is released into the body slowly, over a period of many hours.
  • Concentration: You’ll find that different manufacturers out there include varying concentrations of phentermine in each pill, tablet or capsule. Some include 37.5 mg of phentermine per dose, while others might include up to 40 mg per dose. You need to work with your doctor to determine the right dose of phentermine for you, and then choose the brand accordingly. In some instances, it may take several doses to determine the right schedule for your particular needs, and this may mean switching brands as your dosage changes.
  • Perceived Quality: Quality is a huge consideration when buying phentermine from any manufacturer, but there is a higher level of perceived quality and trust when buying from national brands, as opposed to purchasing pure generics. Of course, the higher cost of branded phentermine can be an offsetting factor.

Exploring Phentermine Manufacturers

There are many different brands of phentermine out there, but a few brands stand out from the pack for a number of different reasons. In this section, we’ll discuss three of these, as well as what makes each special.


Adipex P with 37.5 mg


Doggy Cookie Shaped Lomaira Tablets


Phentermine Tablets


Slow Release Phentermine Capsule

Adipex: Adipex, actually Adipex-P, is probably the best known brand of phentermine on the market. Unlike many other brands, Adipex does not add any other active ingredients to the mix. The only other ingredients are the binders used to create the tablet or capsule. This is usually corn starch. Other ingredients include black iron oxide, D&C Red #33, FD&C Blue #1, gelatin and other inactive ingredients. Adipex is manufactured by GATE Pharmaceuticals. Note that Adipex carries with it the risk of all side effects previously noted for phentermine itself.

Ionamin – Is one of the most popular brand of Phentermine. Comes in capsules with imprinted “IONAMIN 30”. It is combination of slow release resin and Phentermine and designed to release small portions of the medicine all day long. Just like other medications with this substance, Ionamin requires prescription to purchase.

Duromine – This medicine is a prescription only drug, sold in Australia and New Zealand. Each tablet comes with 40 mg of Phentermine HCL, coated in slow release material to last all day long. Each tablet is taken orally in the morning and just like other slow release pills, it lasts all day long, injecting small doses of the active ingredient all day long. You can only get Duromine prescription if you are living in Australia or New Zealand.

Duromine – This medicine is a prescription only drug, sold in Australia and New Zealand. Each tablet comes with 40 mg of Phentermine HCL, coated in slow release material to last all day long. Each tablet is taken orally in the morning and just like other slow release pills, it lasts all day long, injecting small doses of the active ingredient all day long. You can only get Duromine prescription if you are living in Australia or New Zealand.

Qsymia: Qsymia is a brand of phentermine that combines the well-known weight loss drug with a seizure medication (topiramate). It is an extended release formula, and should only be taken one time per day. The combination includes more topiramate than phentermine by a significant margin. The standard initial dosage is 3.75 mg of phentermine and 23 mg of topiramate, which can be increased under observation by a medical doctor to 7.5 mg of phentermine and 46 mg of topiramate to achieve weight loss. Note that this medication carries with it significant side effects for women who are pregnant or may become pregnant, as well as all the side effects of phentermine. If pregnancy occurs while taking Qsymia, you must immediately stop taking the medication.

Lomaira: Lomaira is made by KVK Tech, and contains phentermine hydrochloride. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this version of phentermine is that the dosage is very low. Each tablet only contains 8 mg of phentermine. This low concentration allows users to take Lomaira up to three times per day (the maximum allowable dosage under US law per 24-hour period). Another interesting aspect is that Lomaira tablets are butterfly shaped. This is done to make it easier to split a tablet in half for users who do not require a full dose. Note that Lomaira carries with it all the side effects previously described for phentermine.

The Problem of Authenticity

Phentermine has been around for a long time, and it has been undeniably successful in helping overweight and obese individuals achieve weight loss. However, that success has spawned a number of knockoffs and even fake formulations. It is vital that users are able to ensure they’re taking authentic phentermine, as fake formulations may contain unknown substances/ingredients that may be very harmful.

Perhaps the best defense is to follow the letter of the law when it comes to obtaining phentermine. This is a controlled substance, and the government regulates its use and dispensing. It is a prescription-only medication, meaning that you should never, ever buy it without a prescription from a doctor with whom you have an actual relationship, and you should never purchase it from an online provider. 

You should only purchase phentermine from a local pharmacy, whether you choose to pick up your prescription in person, or have it delivered to your home. Never buy phentermine from online dispensaries. Not only is this illegal, but there is a risk of purchasing fake phentermine. By working with your doctor and a trusted local pharmacy, you can ensure that you only purchase genuine phentermine.

Look for Identifying Marks

All capsules, tablets and other formats of phentermine will have identifying marks, even if you purchased a generic version of phentermine. If you purchase a branded version, check for the manufacturer’s name or logo. It should be clearly visible on every single capsule or tablet. In the case of capsules, it is printed in edible ink on the capsule itself. In the case of tablets, it is imprinted into the tablet itself (indented).

For instance, the best-selling brand of phentermine tablet, Adipex-P, is usually oval in shape. It is primarily white, flecked with blue, and will have the Adipex-P name stamped into the top of the tablet.

Capsules, in addition to having the manufacturer name printed on them, are generally colored in a specific way. Yellow and clear, and white and blue combinations are common, as are all yellow, yellow and black, and purple and clear.

Again, the best defense against purchasing fake phentermine is to ensure that you’re working with a trusted local pharmacy, and never purchasing from an illegal online supplier. Authenticity matters – some fake formulations may do nothing to help you lose weight. Others may contain potentially harmful ingredients.

What are the medications that may cause Phentermine weight loss to fail?

There a number of over the counter and prescription drugs that you need to be aware of that can cause Phentermine to stop working or react negatively bringing unnecessary side effects into the mix. Make sure that at the time when you are visiting your doctor, you bring it on during the conversation. Sometimes your doctor, especially if you are visiting for the first time, might not be aware of your other medications you are on. It is important that you go over each and every possible OTC and prescription medicine that you are currently on or planning to take in the future. There a number of OTC and prescription medications that can potentially prevent you from losing weight. These meds are for Allergies, Diabetes, Depression, Hypertension, Blood Pressure and much more. Some of these medications may cause weight gain instead, especially when taken with Phentermine. Steroids, such as Prednisone and Hydrocortisone are big no when it comes to weight loss. Any type of Antidepressants, such as Amitriptyline, Nortriptyline (Pamerol), Doxepin, Paroxetine (Paxil), Trazodone and many more. Antihistamines – Diphenhydramine (Benadryl), Fexofenadine (Allegra), Cetirizine (Zyrtec), Cyproheptadine (Periactin) and many more. Some pain medications, such as Lyrica, Valproate may cancel the effects of Pehntermine. Even taking Tylenol that contains Diphenhydramine may cause weight gain. People with diabetes must ask primary care physician for medications other than Actos and Avandia. Injectable Insulin may be the reason for the Phentermine not to work effectively. Many of these drugs should not be stopped and at the same time there might be different options available. Sometimes doctors are not even aware about reactions of these drugs and the fact that these medications plays major role in weight gain. If these drugs are not negatively reacting chemically with Phentermine and bringing side effects in the mix, it does not mean that these medications are not influencing weight gain. If for some reason your doctors tells you the opposite when you ask specific questions, it is better to get second opinion, from more qualified health professional.

Few Important Facts about Phentermine

How to get Phentermine prescription?

Obtaining phentermine is not as simple as going to the store and purchasing a bottle of aspirin, or paying for an over-the-counter sinus medication. Because phentermine is a Schedule IV medication, its access is controlled. The only way to get phentermine is with a prescription. In order to obtain a prescription, you will need to make an appointment with your doctor and explain your difficulty in losing weight.

Prior to prescribing phentermine, your doctor should weigh you, as well as take your blood pressure. He or she should also work with you to develop a weight loss plan that includes a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise. Finally, your doctor should prescribe the right dosage of phentermine for your needs and goals, but also for your body.

Individuals with different heights, weights and body mass indexes require different amounts of phentermine to be effective yet safe, and your doctor will prescribe a customized amount for you to take at specific times of day. You may be given a prescription for standard phentermine, which begins working immediately, or for a time-release tablet.

Note that time-release tablets should be taken whole, and never crushed before taking. Crushing these tablets can release the entire dose of phentermine at one time, and can greatly increase the chance of experiencing potentially dangerous side effects.

Once you have your prescription, you will need to either physically take it to a pharmacy to be filled, or you will need the doctor to call the prescription into a pharmacy. Note that most doctors will call the prescription in, rather than giving you a prescription form to take on your own.

It is also possible to order phentermine online and have your prescription filled at a local pharmacy. In some cases, your pharmacy may be able to offer delivery to your home. Note that not all pharmacies offer home delivery, and there will most likely be a signature required. In this case, the person to whom the medication was prescribed will need to sign for the delivery, and identification will likely be needed, as well.

In addition to the initial full physical and medical evaluation, your doctor should provide ongoing evaluations on your progress with phentermine and your diet/exercise regimen. Your blood pressure should be monitored regularly, as increased blood pressure is a common side effect of taking phentermine, and it can become dangerous to your health. In addition, your doctor should regularly track your weight and record the progress made.

If your doctor does not regularly monitor your progress, or does not provide a full medical evaluation prior to prescribing phentermine, it could be a warning sign. Several medical practitioners have had their license and prescription abilities revoked for failure to provide ample patient care. For instance, one doctor in New York was stripped of his ability to practice medicine for improperly reporting dispensing activities and inappropriate prescriptions. He actually prescribed “excessive amounts” of phentermine to a woman who stood 5’ 7” and weighed only 93 pounds.

Where can I get Phentermine in Europe or Australia?

Australia has it’s own laws and regulations about Phentermine. In Australia, similar organization to USA FDA is called TGA. The rules and regulations are very similar to the USA. In 2016, TGA announced that it will literally copy all the rules and regulations set by the FDA and apply it to Australian laws. Same as in USA, Phentermine in Australia is only sold by prescription. The most popular brand of Phentermine diet pills in Australia is Duromine. It’s round pink tablets and each tab comes with 40mg of Phentermine HCL. Same as in USA, you need to visit primary care physician and get a prescription in order to buy Duromine.

Can I buy Phentermine without prescription online?

In recent years, it’s become possible to order just about anything online and have it delivered by mail, or through UPS or FedEx. A quick search on Google will show you plenty of seemingly-legitimate suppliers offering phentermine through the mail, as well as other weight loss aids. These are illegal, and you should never order phentermine online or have it delivered by mail. In fact, that goes for any type of prescription medication.

According to the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), “Buying controlled substances online without a valid prescription may be punishable by imprisonment under federal law. Often, drugs ordered from rogue websites come from foreign countries. It is a felony to import drugs into the United States and ship to a non-DEA registrant.”

Simply put, you could face serious prison time, as well as carrying the label of “felon” for the rest of your life if you attempt to have phentermine delivered through the mail, and you order without a valid prescription.

Note that most states in the US require that prescriptions be made by a doctor with whom you have an actual relationship. This generally means that you have physically visited the doctor’s office, and have been examined by a medical professional, who then writes a prescription.

Sending Phentermine by Mail to Someone Else

In some instances, someone might be prescribed Phentermine, and use it, only to discover that they either don’t like the way it makes them feel, or they no longer need its support. It can be tempting to send your unused phentermine to a friend or family member who is struggling with weight (often by mail). Do not do this. It is illegal. It is a felony to dispense prescription medication if you are not a doctor. Speak with your doctor about the proper way to dispose of any unused phentermine capsules or tablets you might have.

How much weight can I lose on Phentermine?

The most important factor in weight loss, regardless of Phentermine is calories. You must reduce your food consumption to under 2000 calories per day. Let’s say you are at 1000 calories of per day. It will take you the whole week of eating 1000 calories per day to lose just one pound. If you can add exercise in the mix and go to the gym at least three times a day, all extra calories you can burn at the gym will give you boost to lose more pounds. So let’s say you will burn additional 500 calories when you go to the gym, that will put you roughly at two pounds of weight loss per week. If you fail to lose at least one pound of weight a week, stop taking Phentermine and address this issue with your doctor.

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Nicole Lost 50 lbs on Phentermine
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Christina Lost over 60 pounds on Qsymia - Phentermine / Topiramate

The History of Phentermine

While new weight loss-oriented pharmaceuticals hit the market on a regular basis, phentermine is not new. In fact, it has been around since 1959, when it was introduced as an appetite suppressant. Originally, it was available in resin format, although a hydrochloric salt version debuted in the 1970s. Today, phentermine HCL is the primary option on the market.

Phentermine was significantly effective as soon as it was approved by the FDA and went to market. It offered better performance (appetite suppression and energy boosting) than previous diet cocktails on the market, which often combined thyroid hormones with amphetamines and other pharmaceuticals, and caused very serious side effects.

Unlike some other pharmaceuticals that were not classified as scheduled drugs until harmful side effects were noted, phentermine has been classified as a Schedule IV drug from the first day it hit the market and has never been available without a prescription.

What Is a Scheduled Drug?

Pharmaceuticals are classified according to several characteristics, chief among them being their medicinal value, followed by their potential for misuse, abuse and addiction. There are five levels in the US pharmaceutical classification scheme, ranging from I to V.

Schedule I drugs are considered to have no medicinal value, and include those that have mostly recreational value. These include the likes of LSD and heroin. Schedule II drugs have some medicinal value, but a high potential for misuse/addiction, and include the likes of oxycodone and morphine.

Schedule III drugs have less chance of resulting in dependency/addiction, and include ketamine and anabolic steroids. Schedule IV drugs, where phentermine falls, have very low potential for misuse or addiction. Other drugs in this category include lorazepam and Xanax. Schedule V drugs have extremely low risks of dependence, and include mostly liquid-based medications that contain very small quantities of narcotics. Robitussin is a prime example.

The Fen-Phen and Dex-Fen Years

While phentermine had been used for many years on its own, doctors began to combine it with other drugs, starting in the 1970s when fenfluramine was approved by the FDA for treating obesity. Combined with phentermine, the cocktail was called fen-phen, and it was highly effective.

However, it was also highly dangerous, as there had been no testing of the combination for side effects or complications. Doctors prescribing fen-phen were using it “off label”. Another similar combination, dex-fen, which combined dexfenfluramine and phentermine, hit the market in the 1990s. It caused similar complications and side effects.

The fen-phen cocktail was found to be responsible for causing heart valve disease, as was dex-fen. In some cases, this condition resulted in the death of the patient taking the medication. Both cocktails were removed from the market. In fact, both fenfluramine and dexfenfluramine were pulled from the market in the late 1990s at the request of the FDA. Both substances remain illegal to this day (as are medicinal cocktails that include either fenfluramine or dexfenfluramine).

Phentermine Today

Today, phentermine remains the most often prescribed diet pill. As mentioned, it commands 80% of the diet-related pharmaceutical market, despite the recent influx of newer, potentially more effective diet drugs. There are many reasons for the staying power of phentermine, including the following:

  • Cost: One reason that phentermine regularly outsells even newer, more advanced diet pills is cost. Some of the newest prescription weight loss medications to hit the market can cost hundreds of dollars for a one-month supply. Many are also not covered by insurance. Phentermine, on the other hand, is relatively inexpensive and is sometimes covered by insurance plans.Availability: Phentermine is a generic weight loss drug, and is manufactured by at least five different companies under a variety of brand names. While Glaxo-Smith-Kline originally developed the drug, it has been replicated by others, including Gates Pharmaceuticals, Vivus Inc., Alpex Pharma SA, Epic Pharma, LLC, and KVK-Tech.
  • Perceived Safety of Use: While fen-phen and dex-fen were pulled from the market, phentermine has remained due to both its effectiveness in helping people fight back from obesity, and its perceived safety of use. However, this does not mean that phentermine carries with it no risks of side effects or contraindications.
  • Effectiveness: There is no denying that phentermine is effective, particularly when combined with diet and exercise to fight obesity and result in weight loss.

Side Effects and Problems with Phentermine

While phentermine has been proven to be very effective, and is relatively safe for use under the care of a doctor, there are side effects that need to be considered. There are also cautions for those with certain preexisting medical conditions that might make the use of phentermine inadvisable, or even dangerous. Below, we’ll break these side effects down into common, less common, and very serious categories.

Common Side Effects of Phentermine

While many people who take phentermine for weight loss experience few or no side effects, the following are commonly reported during use of the medication:

  • Dizziness
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea
  • Irritability
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Increased blood pressure (prolonged raised blood pressure should be reported to your doctor)

Less Common but More Serious Side Effects

Most people are able to use phentermine safely. However, if you experience any of these less common, but more severe, side effects, you should speak with your doctor immediately:

  • Changes in mood
  • Hallucinations
  • Pounding or irregular heartbeat
  • Change in libido
  • Uncontrolled muscle movements

Very Serious Side Effects

The following side effects are very rare, but are extremely dangerous. If you experience any of these, stop taking Phentermine immediately and seek emergency medical help:

  • Slurred speech
  • Weakness on one side of the body
  • Vision changes
  • Severe headache

Note that some side effects of Phentermine use can be fatal. These are very rare, but can include heart valve problems (similar to those caused by fen-phen and dex-phen), as well as lung problems. Chest pain, difficult breathing during exercise, swelling of the feet or legs, and fainting are signs of serious health issues. Finally, there is an extremely rare chance of allergic reaction with Phentermine. Any symptoms similar to allergic reaction (rash, itching, swelling of the face or tongue, etc.) requires immediate medical help.

Please note that this list of side effects is not complete. Speak with your doctor prior to taking Phentermine about the side effects that you might experience and what to watch for that might indicate a severe health emergency.

If you have heart problems or existing high blood pressure, Phentermine is not the right option. Similarly, those with overactive thyroids, who suffer from glaucoma, or who are or may become pregnant, as well as breast-feeding mothers, should not take this medication.

Before and After Weight Loss
Photos of Weight Loss Before and After

What are the latest Phentermine reviews?

Phentermine reviews are different from individual to individual. People with less health issues are generally happy with it and people who are having more challenges to lose weight, are posting less positive reviews about Phentermine. We simply don’t have enough space here to post Phentermine reviews, we simply decided to leave it up to you to decide if Phentermine is something you are looking for or not.

Consider an Alternative

Phentermine is undeniably effective. However, it can also be difficult to obtain legally. The only means of getting Phentermine legally is to have your doctor prescribe it, and then have it filled at a local pharmacy. Your doctor must also constantly monitor your progress, determine the right dosage for safety and health reasons, and report his or her dispensing activity. That’s a great deal to go through before you can even begin your weight loss journey. There is an alternative, though.

Phenobestin is an effective solution to your needs, and is the only pharmaceutical-grade alternative to Phentermine. While there are many other alternatives on the market, most are hoaxes at best. At worst, they contain harmful additives that can actually cause more damage to your body.

Phenobestin is a completely safe, pharmaceutical-grade solution for those seeking the help they need to lose weight. It is available without a prescription, and offers the same benefits as Phentermine, including the ability to suppress your appetite, so you feel less hungry while exercising and eating a healthy diet.

Designed, developed, and manufactured in the United States, Phenobestin includes 100% pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Each ingredient was chosen specifically for its ability to suppress appetite and boost metabolism. It can also be used for a longer time than Phentermine, without the worrying side effects of the prescription drug.

The formulation of Phenobestin includes powerful agents that boost fat burning while limiting appetite, including Theobromine anhydrous, as well as Phenylethylamine, which boosts the production of dopamine in the brain to trigger positive feelings while reducing food cravings.

For those worried about being able to legally purchase phentermine, the chance of purchasing fake Phentermine, or their ability to get a prescription in the first place, Phenobestin is a powerful alternative that burns fat and results in significant weight loss. You, too, can win the battle of the bulge with this non-prescription Phentermine alternative.

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5 stars - "In the beginning of 2017 (New Years Resolution), I went to my doctor and asked for the best product on the market for weight loss. In the past, he prescribed me Adipex P with 15mg of Phentermine. So he told me that there "new kid on the block" called Lomaira and it comes with 8mg Phentermine HCL. I told them that if I buy Lomaira now, I will need good discount. I got my first bottle of Lomaira free of charge. I immediately got hoocked (in the good way). I loved how it makes me feel. Taking 8mg of Phentermine 3 times a day makes huge differnce. I did not feel jitters and I got that mild happy feeling, almost ephoric. I was able to lose more weight, compare to taking 15mg generic Phentermine. So far I was able to lose 15 pounds and it's been only about 45 days." Based on 300,784 Votes since 2016!