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Prescription weight loss drugs may cause limited weight loss for some individuals. However, they generally can only be taken for a limited period of time, and can cause potentially serious side effects.

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Why PhenObestin 37.5 is better

PhenObestin 37.5

Pharmaceutical Grade

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Over 100,000 satisfied customers worldwide

PhenObestin 37.5 Ingredients

PhenObestin 37.5 is not an herbal pill!

PhenObestin 37.5 contains only effective ingredients derived from food rather than unproven herbal compounds such as hoodia.

PhenObestin is a pharmaceutical grade weight loss pill!

PhenObestin combines a unique blend of ingredients to promote the significant weight loss effect you desire without causing any hazardous side effects.

Theobromine Anhydrous
A stimulant from chocolate your heart rate to burn calories, lifts your mood, and dilates your blood vessels. Similar to caffeine but milder and more longer-lasting.

appetite Phenylethylamine
A compound naturally occurring in chocolate that offers variety of effects ranging from stimulating mood, increasing alertness and reducing hunger.

Yohimbine HCL 99%
A key ingredient that acts as a stimulant, increases the amount of fat that you burn during exercise, and improves the absorption of Phenylethylamine.

Offers a natural and effective way to increase energy levels and desire to exercise. Contains about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee.

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I started taking this product 4 months ago (now off for a month) and I lost about 50lbs while I was taking it. Since the holidays happened right after I stopped, I am sure I gained back about 10lbs! I love this product. You won’t feel as hungry after you take it, but I eat small portions to keep from getting headaches. When I was taking it I started off with a protein shake for breakfast along with PhenObestin and I got a huge boost of energy right there!

Joseph from Los Angeles, CA

The best part of my new life happened just yesterday. I went outside to check on my son. He was kicking a ball around the yard. The ball bounced over near me and I ran over and kicked it back to him. My son just stood there and said, “Mom, you are going to play with me outside?” I wanted to cry. We have never played outside together because I have never had the energy. PhenObestin saved my life.

Jennifer from Indianapolis, IN

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Defining Phentermine

It is important not to confuse Phentermine with PhenObestin 37.5. The former is a prescription only drug that you can use for no longer than twelve weeks, and can cause potentially serious side effects. PhenObestin, by contrast, is a proven over the counter supplement with over 100,000 satisfied customers. It is intended to achieve results that are similar to those from prescription medications, but with fewer side effects.

Phentermine is an appetite suppressant that works by putting your central nervous system into “fight or flight” mode. This in turn means that you consume fewer calories. However, it is important to remember that it is a short-term drug approved for use for no longer than twelve weeks, and it needs to be taken under medical supervision due to the risk of potentially severe side effects including respiratory and cardiovascular ailments.


Using Phentermine

It is important to stress the fact that prescription weight loss pills are not for long-term use. Your doctor will set the dosage for you, but you should know that attempting to take prescription weight loss medication long-term can cause the following complications:

  • Higher Tolerance Towards The Pills – This means that you will no longer use weight then you take the pills.
  • Addiction – it is known to be a habit-forming drug, which means that users can become dependent on the drug if they use if for a long time.
  • Withdrawal Symptoms – If you stop using this drug after a long time, you are bound to face withdrawal symptoms such as depression, insomnia and fatigue.




How Safe is it?

Phentermine is relatively safe only as long as your doctor performs the necessary tests before granting you a prescription. This is because taking Phentermine if you have certain medical conditions or allergies can cause significant complications that can be harmful to your health:

  • It is ill-advised for those with pre-existing medical conditions such as high blood pressure, and also for some diabetic patients.
  • Bottles might give dosage indications for children age 12 and above, but in fact it is usually inappropriate for obese teenagers under 18. Having children or teenagers take potentially dangerous prescription drugs is extremely risky, and there is no data regarding the safety of Phentermine for children.
  • Pregnant and nursing women should never consume this drug because it will be harmful to the baby.
  • MAO inhibitors used for treating depression react badly with it leading to the fatal lung disease pulmonary hypertension. There are also other medicines which react with this pill and create dangerous side effects that can easily lead to death.

Aside from these precautions, this drug has a number of possible side effects, which include dry mouth, blurred vision, constipation, insomnia and change in libido. Other less common side effects are chest pain, breathing difficulties, and swelling. The risk of these side effects means that doctors will prescribe this drug for no longer than twelve weeks.

Buying it Online or at Pharmacy

This drug is available at leading pharmacies as well as through the few online pharmacies that operate legally. However, regardless of where you purchase this drug, you need to provide a proper prescription from your doctor. If you are buying from a site that claims you do not need a prescription, you are obtaining it illegally, and are taking a serious risk with your health. This drug purchased online could be tampered with, expired, or even fake. Be very cautious when attempting to purchase through any online pharmacy, and consider switching to PhenObestin 37.5 – the safest over the counter alternative. It is intended to provide you with the same benefits without the serious long-term risks. Order your own bottle of PhenObestin 37.5 today and enjoy the benefits of weight loss without the drawbacks of prescription drugs.

Why PhenObestin 37.5 is better

Pharmaceutical Grade

Designed to look and feel similar to Phentermine/Adipex

Over 100,000 satisfied customers worldwide


Produced in the USA under strict GMP compliance rules

No side effects – take it for as long as you like!

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Pharmaceutical grade non prescription product!

Lose up to 30 pounds per month with just one bottle!

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Types of Phentermine


Most people may not realize that Phentermine is available in two forms: branded and generic. Generic and branded Phentermine have the same active ingredient, but they may vary in color, shape, and delivery. In particular, Phentermine resin is absorbed by your body slowly while Phentermine HCL is absorbed quickly. Some of the brand names are only available in one form or the other, but all of them carry the same potentially serious side effects, and all of them are only available with a prescription. It may be helpful to take a moment to think about what you really want, and to consider alternatives such as PhenObestin 37.5.

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