PhenTabz Review

It is an over-the-counter weight loss pill that is designed to aid in rapid weight loss while suppressing appetite and boosting metabolism. PhenTabz is one of the dietary supplements that has gained much popularity over the years in the market with the unique claim of being a former prescription-only weight loss pill that is now available without any prescription.

Looking at supplements, the company that created it refused to disclose lots of vital information about their company. The information given about the pill is inadequate, which does not make much sense.

Appetite suppressants work by curbing the urge for food and enable the body to burn excess carbs and fats while enhancing weight loss. It contains ingredients that reduce the urge for food. It also increases the metabolism, which increases the potential for fat burning. PhenTabz is a not so strong appetite suppressant compare to prescription diet pills.

The manufacturers claim the pill has two benefits in one. It suppresses the appetite so you will not have an urge for food and it also mobilizes fat while raising the metabolic rate. This may sound great, but the mobilization of fat cells does not have anything to do with weight loss as this fat is likely to just move into other cells in the body.

PhenTabz Manufacturers

PhenTabz was developed by Lexium International but introduced onto the market by Gentech Pharmaceuticals in 2001. Lexium international has been operating for over twenty-five years.


  • PhenTabz promises to boost energy levels and customer reviews seem to support this claim..
  • The over-the-counter version of PhenTabz works in two ways to shed excess weight; it curbs hunger and raises the body’s metabolism.
  • It is not unique, several other appetite suppressants claim to work in a similar manner.

PhenTabz Dosage

PhenTabz is taken twice a day, once before breakfast and once before lunch. It is preferable to take it with water instead of juice or coffee.


  • The major concern with this supplement is the fact that there is no adequate information on its ingredients, which has made many people that are willing to try it out reluctant to make a purchase.
  • Some of its ingredients that have been listed are known to have been banned in many countries, like DMAA.

PhenTabz Ingredients

There are four disclosed ingredients associated with PhenTabz:


This includes caffeine and it is always amongst weight loss supplement ingredients because it is a good energy and metabolism booster. It can also aid in suppressing the appetite. Caffeine is typically used as a supporting ingredient because it enhances the effects of the other ingredients.


This is also known as Methylhexanamine and its included to help act as an additional appetite suppressant. It has been claimed that it is useful for suppressing the appetite for three to four hours. This is good in the sense that it will reduce the consumption of snacks that poses a hindrance to dieting programs. It has not been determined how DMAA may affect health in general. It was banned in many countries when it was linked to several deaths. It can cause high blood pressure, strokes, brain bleeding, and psychotic disorders.


The main active ingredient of Phentabz is found in a proprietary blend the manufacturer termed Ampheta-HCL. Ampheta-HCL is a proprietary list of ingredients that made this product seem to be very stable and act as an effective weight loss pill.


Octopamine has some known to aid in the release and mobilization of fat from fat cells. This fat that is released is usually absorbed by other fat cells immediately so you do not actually lose any weight, you just move the fat around. There is no clinical evidence as to how it can assist with weight loss, and combining it with stimulants like caffeine, it can have a significant effect on the blood pressure rate.


  • Due to some of its known ingredients that are good appetite suppressants, this can help to reduce food intake.
  • Phentabz are good metabolism boosters, which will provide you with additional energy to use in day to day activities.
  • PhenTabz does not require any change in its user’s lifestyle in order for it to work effectively for weight reduction.


  • One negative side effect that has been associated with the use of PhenTabz is sleeplessness.
  • Another side effect is dry mouth.
  • It is advisable to take the pill early in the morning and early afternoon to avoid sleeplessness.

Customer Reviews

This product really cleared up my thinking the first few times I used it, but after a few days this effect wore off and I did not see any other benefits from this product.

I really just wanted a diet pill that would help reduce my appetite, but this product did not help me at all. At first it made me feel a little more alert after I took it, but eventually that went away.

There is no useful information on the bottle to explain what this supplement contains. It also does not say how or where it was made.

This pill has not helped me cut back on my food intake. It made me very jittery the first two days that I took it. I felt excited. Now I don’t notice any effect from it at all.

2 Stars Reviews PhenTabz - Phentermine Alternative
2 stars - "I went to the site and tried to locate information about this drug. All I could find were marketing materials. It promised to not just make me feel less hungry, but it was supposed to help me burn fat too. This is not what happened. I did not notice any results after taking PhenTabz for a month." Based on 112,321 Votes since 2005!

Verdict – Rejected

This product cannot be recommended as a safe diet pill. There is very little information about the company that manufactured the product. The entire ingredient list has not been disclosed for this product. There are serious questions about the safety of some of the ingredients. Some of the ingredients in this product have been banned in some countries because they have been known to cause death. For all these reasons we reject this as a healthy weight loss alternative. Non-stimulant Conjugated Linoleic Acid supplement by Feel Spirit will give you better weight loss results.

Phentermine Side Effects

​Phentermine is a prescription drug that is prescribed to patients who are having trouble losing excess weight and whose weight is a risk factor for their overall health.

​Phentermine 37.5 is generally prescribed to be taken in the morning either before or after a healthy and well rounded breakfast. This is due to the stimulant properties of this amphetamine drug. If taken later in the day, it may cause difficulty falling asleep and/or staying asleep throughout the night. It is recommended that this medication is taken at least ten to fourteen hours before bedtime to ensure that the stimulant effects do not interfere with your ability to get a good night’s rest, which is very important for overall health and keeping stress levels down. We have all likely heard that stress increases cortisol production in our bodies, and cortisol can lead to excess weight and fat gain. However, for some, dosage may vary and certain individuals need to take smaller doses throughout the day. Your physician will be able to determine what is the best and safest methods and doses for you, but remember to communicate with your doctor and/or pharmacist and he or she will be able to help with any side effects you may be experiencing due to the drug schedule or dosage amounts.

Speaking of side effects, let’s review some of the side effects that can come along with Phentermine 37.5. While these are usually rare, side effects can include:

  1. Dizziness
  2. Dry mouth
  3. Difficulty getting to sleep and staying asleep
  4. Nausea
  5. Vomiting
  6. Constipation
  7. Diarrhea
  8. Raised blood pressure

​As mentioned above, these side effects are rare. However if you experience any of these side effects, it is pertinent that you communicate these with your doctor and pharmacist.

You may simply need a change in dosage, but it may also be the case that Phentermine is unsafe for you. If any of these side effects last for a lengthened period of time, it is advised to discontinue use immediately and see your doctor.

For those who are unable to take Phentermine 37.5 due to unwanted side effects or danger to overall health, there are many other options to aid in your weight loss pursuits.

Even rarer than the above side effects, these serious side effects may occur. If you experience any of the following, call your doctor immediately:

  1. Fast, irregular, or pounding heartbeat
  2. Cognitive changes or changes in mood (agitation, anger, hallucinations, nervousness)
  3. Uncontrolled muscle movements
  4. Change in sexual ability and/or interest
  5. Severe headache
  6. Slurred speech
  7. Seizure
  8. Weakness on one side of the body
  9. Visual changes (blurry vision)
  10. Chest pain
  11. Difficulty breathing during physical activity
  12. Decreased ability to exercise
  13. Fainting
  14. Swelling of legs
  15. Swelling of ankles
  16. Swelling of feet
  17. Rash
  18. Itching
  19. Swelling (especially in face, tongue, or throat)
  20. Severe dizziness
  21. Trouble breathing

While lifestyle changes are absolutely necessary including diet and exercise, you can try any of the variety of dietary supplements that are available over the counter.

One available alternative to Phentermine 37.5 is PhenObestin, which is an all natural neutraceutical that has been reported by many to aid in achieving their weight loss goals. It comes in a 37.5 mg dosage just like Phentermine, but consists of over the counter ingredients that you can purchase without a prescription. As with any dietary supplement or significant lifestyle change, consult with your physician before adding PhenObestin to your weight loss routine. Best of luck to you in your weight loss journey! You can do it!

Phentermine - PhenObestin 37.5mg Phentermine 37.5mg
5 stars - "I take PhenObestin daily and never experience any side effects!" Based on 175,000 Votes!

Phentermine May Help To Improve Learning

Phentermine is a prescription weight loss medication that is classified as an amphetamine. Amphetamines can have many various neurological effects in the human body.

​It is prescribed to help to suppress appetite to aid in weight loss, alongside a reduction in daily caloric intake and an increase in physical activity. Many people have had great success with losing weight they have been struggling with while taking this prescription drug. It is generally taken in the morning either before or after a healthy and well-rounded breakfast, especially the extended release versions, due to its ability to give the patient a high amount of energy and focus. If taken later in the day it can affect an individual’s ability to get to sleep and get a full night’s rest. However, one great side effect of this added energy and mental focus is that it can help individuals with learning while also helping to suppress appetite for weight loss.

​Much like other stimulant medications, Phentermine has the ability to enhance an individual’s cognitive processes including focus, awareness, encoding, storage, and retrieval. For anyone who has studied psychology, you know that encoding, storage, and retrieval are the three major processes involved with memory. And we all know that memory is the largest and most important component in learning. Focus and awareness have a great deal to do with attention, and attention span can affect learning and memory is significant ways. What may be surprising to many is that amphetamines can actually have a calming effect on the brain that helps to aid in awareness and attention, helping individuals to better focus on mental or cognitive tasks. Another way that individuals feel that Phentermine helps with learning is simple wakefulness. This prescription medication helps individuals to feel awake and alert, which can, in turn, help an individual to be more aware and active in the tasks they are engaging in, even difficult cognitive tasks. These increases in attention are likely due to the drug’s ability to cause an increase in dopamine in the user. This neurotransmitter is known to be involved in pleasure, movement, and attention. So, it can easily be seen how this amphetamine is able to help with energy, focus, and attention.

​One important aspect to take note of is that amphetamines do not affect all individuals in the same way. Scientists, researchers, and doctors believe that amphetamines may not have the same effects on everyone as they do on individuals who have a true diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, more commonly known as ADHD. The specific effects of Phentermine and all other stimulants have a great deal to do with genetics, and many individuals will have varying side effects while taking Phentermine. Not everyone will experience the increase in awareness and attention. While these stimulants will promote wakefulness, this does not always equal an increase in ability for learning.

​Your physician will be able to discuss these matters with you and will likely be able to help guide you regarding the cognitive side effects of using Phentermine. This drug is not to be taken without a doctor prescription filled through a pharmacy. It is also not prescribed long term like many medications that are given for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The increased pleasure, movement, and attention are merely side effects of this drug, beyond its main effect, which is appetite suppression. This is not a medication that should be used recreationally to feel euphoria or used regularly to help with learning. If you feel you may be experiencing symptoms of ADHD, speak with your doctor about what other options may be available to you, aside from Phentermine. However, if you are an ideal candidate for Phentermine due to obesity and an inability to lose weight, then you may just experience some other positive side effects while using this prescription medication. As always, talk with your doctor about all medications you are taking and the side effects that you are experiencing while using them. Best of luck to you on your weight loss journey!

Phentermine - PhenObestin 37.5mg Phentermine 37.5mg
5 stars - "I used to take Aderall for my ADHD. When I take Phentermine, funny enough, I feel similar as if I am on Aderall. Phentermine deifinately helps improve learning!" Based on 175,000 Votes!

What Is Phentermine

Phentermine is a commonly prescribed drug that is used to help people with weight loss. It is classified as a psycho stimulant drug, which means it affects neurological activity in the brain. The brain is the powerhouse of all the systems in the human body, including the digestive system.

Phentermine is classified as an amphetamine and helps to suppress appetite by essentially fooling the brain. It is frequently prescribed as a weight loss/diet pill and has shown to be effective for many patients. It is most often prescribed to individuals who are obese or who may be at risk due to being overweight. Phentermine is most often prescribed as a short-term use prescription and the best results are seen when the user combines the drug with diet changes as well as exercise. While it helps to suppress appetite, it is still very important to ensure that you are eating a healthy and balanced diet that will deliver important vitamins and minerals to your body. Exercise is not only important for weight loss but for overall health, and it is strongly recommended that those who are taking Phentermine engage in regular physical activity. As with any weight loss plan, it is best to consult with your doctor regarding changes in diet and exercise.

​Phentermine is approved in the United States through the Food and Drug Administration. This approval first occurred in 2012, after much research and positive results with research participants. There is a large amount of research going on currently with this effective weight loss drug. Much of this research is examining how well phentermine interacts with other drugs to help users reach their weight loss goals. There are various brands of phentermine and can be taken in varying doses. This helps to curtail the administration to the needs of each individual. ​Your doctor can help you to decide what the best dosage is for you, as well as recommend the best diet and exercise plan for your weight loss goals. Although there has been significant results with phentermine, there are a few side effects, which is why research with interacting drugs is so important.

​Some of the side effects of phentermine include dry mouth, nervousness, restlessness, euphoria, agitation, arrhythmia, tachycardia, hypertension, diarrhea, vomiting, headache, rash, frequent urination, facial oedema, bad taste in mouth, urticaria, impotence, libido changes, and aortic regurgitation. While these symptoms do not present themselves in all users, it is important to know and understand the side effects of any drug you plan to take. Your doctor can help you with keeping the side effects in check, and the current research in mixing phentermine with other drugs should prove to be helpful in warding off unwanted side effects in the future.

Phentermine - PhenObestin 37.5mg
5 stars - "I take Phentermine daily and lose about 10 pounds per month.!" Based on 150,000 Votes!

Who Among Celebrities Are On Phentermine

​Phentermine is a prescription drug that is used to suppress appetite in individuals who are obese and struggling to lose weight. Obesity can cause a plethora of comorbid disorders that can cause serious risks to an individual’s overall health.

​Some of the comorbid disorders that obesity can cause include high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and it can even lead to premature death. For this reason, these individuals can be prescribed Phentermine to aid in quicker and more dramatic weight loss results. Many people can look down on diet pills, but when it comes to overall health, and especially cardiovascular health, we all need to do whatever possible to stay in top shape. Being overweight is not just about looks and superficial thoughts.

Obesity can be a serious and life threatening condition that needs to be assessed and treated with the help of a doctor and/or medical professionals. This medication is not just a miracle pill that will enable the user to take it and lose weight with no work. It is for those who have been working hard to lose weight and are struggling with it. It is prescribed alongside a reduction in daily caloric intake as well as an increase in physical activity. So, those who are looking for a quick fix should consider the hard work it takes to lose weight and the severity of choosing to do otherwise.

​It has been rumored that many celebrities who are struggling to lose excess weight have incorporated Phentermine into their weight loss plans. This is not means to judge them or criticize them. They should be recognized and respected for taking their weight and their overall health as a serious matter and taking action to do something to fix it. Celebrities are humans, too, and believe it or not, they often have the same struggles with weight that many of us do. There comes a point in many people’s lives when they start to realize that they are just having trouble shedding the pounds no matter how much hard work they put in or how many extreme diets they have tried.

Sometimes we just need to accept the help of a trained medical professional, specifically, a doctor that can assess the situation and make the proper recommendations, including a Phentermine prescription if it is needed.

​While she has not admitted to doing so, many people believe that Jennifer Hudson may have used Phentermine in her dramatic weight loss journey. Until she makes an official statement, it is only conjecture, but it would not be surprising to find out given her incredible results and the significant results that Phentermine has had in scientific research and clinical trials. If she were prescribed to it, her doctors would not be allowed to release that information due to HIPPA regulations. Another celebrity who has been rumored to use Phentermine is Missy Elliott. Much like Jennifer Hudson, we have watched Missy’s figure slim over the years as she has had astonishing weight loss results. Same as with Jennifer, Missy has not come out and publicly said she has used Phentermine. However, it would not be a surprise if she were to come out and reveal that she had.

​As always, if you are interested in getting prescribed to Phentermine, talk with your doctor about your options and the lifestyle changes that must be made while using Phentermine. This medication can only be obtained through a prescription and attempting to buy this drug illegally online can be very dangerous and can cause risks to your health as well as your freedom. There are many over-the-counter alternatives to Phentermine if you are unable to get a prescription from a doctor to be filled at a pharmacy. One such alternative is the neutraceutical, PhenObestin. While this is an all-natural dietary supplement and does not contain the same ingredients as Phentermine, many people have claimed to have amazing and significant weight loss results with PhenObestin as an alternative to Phentermine. Check with your doctor and if unable to get a Phentermine prescription, talk with him or her about what supplements are safe and viable for you as alternatives to Phentermine. Best of luck to you on your weight loss journey! You can do it!

Phentermine - PhenObestin 37.5mg Phentermine 37.5mg
5 stars - "Who among celebrities does not use Phentermine? If you think that these movie stars can lose the weight "naturally", you must be kidding. There is no way for example Tom Hanks would go from fat Tom Hanks to skinny Forest Gump in such a short period of time or Cast Away. There no diet program or starvation technique that celebrities secretly use to lose weight so quick! The only answer is Phentermine. This medicine is the only way to stop yourself from eating and feeling like you have energizer batteries up your a**.. Why - it is simply AMPHETAMINE and celebrities take hell of a lot of it... Anyway 5 stars to Phentermine." Based on 175,000 Votes!