FenMax Product Review

FenMax is a fairly new dietary supplement that is quickly gaining popularity on Amazon. The manufacturer makes many claims about this product’s ability to help you lose weight, but can it live up to the hype?

In this in-depth review, we’ll take a look at FenMax’s manufacturer and ingredients to see how well it can work. We’ll also let you know about any possible side effects.

FenMax Purpose

FenMax is a dietary supplement that helps you lose weight by suppressing your appetite and increasing your fat-burning metabolism.

Who Makes FenMax?

Researching FenMax proved to be problematic from the very beginning. There is no manufacturer listed on the product label. Additionally, there is no official product page beyond its Amazon sales page.

This is a problem, because although the product label states that this diet pill is made in an FDA certified facility following Good Manufacturing Processes, there is no way to verify this. Additionally, there’s no way to tell where the ingredients are sourced from.

How to Take FenMax

For best results, you should take one FenMax pill twice per day. The product’s sales page also states that FenMax is designed to be used while following an aggressive prescription-level diet and exercise program.


FenMax makes a lot of weight loss claims. The first claim is of course weight loss. The product page claims that taking FenMax gives you an energy boost that results in an increase your metabolism and therefore more effective fat burning. It also claims that this product can suppress your appetite. FenMax is supposedly safe to take over the long-term with little to no side effects. But can the product really live up to these claims?


Any time a product attempts to hide its manufacturer, it is cause for concern. There’s no way to verify where this product is coming from, and therefore it’s impossible to tell that the company producing this herbal supplement is reliable or truthful.

This product makes a lot of claims about helping you lose weight, but it also states that it should be used while following an “aggressive prescription diet.” The problems with this is that these types of diets are also intended to help you lose weight quickly. There’s no way to tell whether the results anyone achieves is a result of the ingredients in FenMax or as a result of the drastic lifestyle change following an aggressive prescription diet brings about.

When a product states outright that a product is safe to be used for the long-term, we become suspicious. After all, if the product helps you lose weight so quickly, why would you need to use this product long term? This can sometimes indicate that the product contains ingredients that may lead to dependency.


FenMax contains a proprietary blend of pharmaceutical-grade ingredients intended to help you lose weight.

2-Phenylethylamine – this ingredient is also known as PEA. It’s a neuromodulator that causes the brain to release “feel good” chemicals like dopamine and norepinephrine. Many antidepressants contain this ingredient. PEA is believed to help reduce emotional eating. It can also create a rise in blood pressure and blood glucose levels, which leads many to believe that it functions as an appetite suppressant and boosts the metabolism. Unfortunately, this also means that it can cause a number of unpleasant side effects. These include anxiety, racing heartbeat, nervousness, and insomnia. Additionally, because it releases chemicals that lift the mood and help you feel good, this ingredient can be addictive when taken over long periods of time.

Hordenine Hydrochloride – Hordenine HCL is a natural monoamine oxidase inhibitor. It helps to ensure that plenty of the neurotransmitter and “feel good” chemical dopamine is available in the brain. This means that it can help balance your mood, provide you with more focus and energy. Unfortunately when taken too much, too often, or for too long it can be responsible for chemical imbalances in the brain that can lead to mental health problems such as depression. It may carry other side effects such as dizziness, restlessness, anxiety, stomach upset, and rapid heartbeat.

Yohimbine Hydrochloride – this ingredient helps to increase blood flow throughout the body. This is believed to help increase your body’s metabolism. As you might expect, this ingredient also comes with a list of unpleasant side effects, including upset stomach, anxiety, nervousness, muscle tremors, insomnia, dizziness, irritability, nausea, diarrhea, bloating, and high blood pressure.

Synephrine Hydrochloride – synephrine is an analog for ephedrine, a now-banned chemical that was once very popular in diet pills. Synephrine is believed to mimic the effects of ephedrine, though with less potency. It’s believed to function as an appetite suppressant and energy booster. As you might expect and as is true of most stimulants, synephrine does have several negative side effects including racing heartbeat, anxiety, sweating, insomnia, and high blood pressure. If mixed with other stimulants, synephrine can even be dangerous.


We can find no positive reasons to take FenMax, in spite of the pharmaceutical grade ingredients this product claims to have.


There are a number of negatives associated with this product’s ingredients. The first of these is the fact that several of the ingredients on this product’s label can be addictive when used over longer periods of time. The second is the negative side effects associated with this product. Synephrine can even be dangerous when used alongside other stimulants like caffeine. When you add to this the fact that there’s no way to research who makes FenMax, we are left concerned.

Customer Reviews

When looking over the most recent customer reviews on Amazon for FenMax, it quickly becomes clear this product does not work. Only one of the top five reviews states that the customer had a positive experience. Additionally a few of the most recent reviews state they experienced unpleasant side effects such as nervousness and anxiety.

Verdict – Rejected

We can think of no good reason why anyone would want to take FenMax. There are certainly better products on the market today. Not only to the majority of recent reviews state that this product doesn’t work, the ingredient list is quite concerning. Add to that the fact that we cannot find any information about the manufacturer, and we recommend looking elsewhere for a diet pill that will work for you.

PhenTabz Review

It is an over-the-counter weight loss pill that is designed to aid in rapid weight loss while suppressing appetite and boosting metabolism. PhenTabz is one of the dietary supplements that has gained much popularity over the years in the market with the unique claim of being a former prescription-only weight loss pill that is now available without any prescription.

Looking at supplements, the company that created it refused to disclose lots of vital information about their company. The information given about the pill is inadequate, which does not make much sense.

Appetite suppressants work by curbing the urge for food and enable the body to burn excess carbs and fats while enhancing weight loss. It contains ingredients that reduce the urge for food. It also increases the metabolism, which increases the potential for fat burning. PhenTabz is a not so strong appetite suppressant compare to prescription diet pills.

The manufacturers claim the pill has two benefits in one. It suppresses the appetite so you will not have an urge for food and it also mobilizes fat while raising the metabolic rate. This may sound great, but the mobilization of fat cells does not have anything to do with weight loss as this fat is likely to just move into other cells in the body.

PhenTabz Manufacturers

PhenTabz was developed by Lexium International but introduced onto the market by Gentech Pharmaceuticals in 2001. Lexium international has been operating for over twenty-five years.


  • PhenTabz promises to boost energy levels and customer reviews seem to support this claim..
  • The over-the-counter version of PhenTabz works in two ways to shed excess weight; it curbs hunger and raises the body’s metabolism.
  • It is not unique, several other appetite suppressants claim to work in a similar manner.

PhenTabz Dosage

PhenTabz is taken twice a day, once before breakfast and once before lunch. It is preferable to take it with water instead of juice or coffee.


  • The major concern with this supplement is the fact that there is no adequate information on its ingredients, which has made many people that are willing to try it out reluctant to make a purchase.
  • Some of its ingredients that have been listed are known to have been banned in many countries, like DMAA.

PhenTabz Ingredients

There are four disclosed ingredients associated with PhenTabz:


This includes caffeine and it is always amongst weight loss supplement ingredients because it is a good energy and metabolism booster. It can also aid in suppressing the appetite. Caffeine is typically used as a supporting ingredient because it enhances the effects of the other ingredients.


This is also known as Methylhexanamine and its included to help act as an additional appetite suppressant. It has been claimed that it is useful for suppressing the appetite for three to four hours. This is good in the sense that it will reduce the consumption of snacks that poses a hindrance to dieting programs. It has not been determined how DMAA may affect health in general. It was banned in many countries when it was linked to several deaths. It can cause high blood pressure, strokes, brain bleeding, and psychotic disorders.


The main active ingredient of Phentabz is found in a proprietary blend the manufacturer termed Ampheta-HCL. Ampheta-HCL is a proprietary list of ingredients that made this product seem to be very stable and act as an effective weight loss pill.


Octopamine has some known to aid in the release and mobilization of fat from fat cells. This fat that is released is usually absorbed by other fat cells immediately so you do not actually lose any weight, you just move the fat around. There is no clinical evidence as to how it can assist with weight loss, and combining it with stimulants like caffeine, it can have a significant effect on the blood pressure rate.


  • Due to some of its known ingredients that are good appetite suppressants, this can help to reduce food intake.
  • Phentabz are good metabolism boosters, which will provide you with additional energy to use in day to day activities.
  • PhenTabz does not require any change in its user’s lifestyle in order for it to work effectively for weight reduction.


  • One negative side effect that has been associated with the use of PhenTabz is sleeplessness.
  • Another side effect is dry mouth.
  • It is advisable to take the pill early in the morning and early afternoon to avoid sleeplessness.

Customer Reviews

This product really cleared up my thinking the first few times I used it, but after a few days this effect wore off and I did not see any other benefits from this product.

I really just wanted a diet pill that would help reduce my appetite, but this product did not help me at all. At first it made me feel a little more alert after I took it, but eventually that went away.

There is no useful information on the bottle to explain what this supplement contains. It also does not say how or where it was made.

This pill has not helped me cut back on my food intake. It made me very jittery the first two days that I took it. I felt excited. Now I don’t notice any effect from it at all.

2 Stars Reviews PhenTabz - Phentermine Alternative
2 stars - "I went to the site and tried to locate information about this drug. All I could find were marketing materials. It promised to not just make me feel less hungry, but it was supposed to help me burn fat too. This is not what happened. I did not notice any results after taking PhenTabz for a month." Based on 112,321 Votes since 2005!

Verdict – Rejected

This product cannot be recommended as a safe diet pill. There is very little information about the company that manufactured the product. The entire ingredient list has not been disclosed for this product. There are serious questions about the safety of some of the ingredients. Some of the ingredients in this product have been banned in some countries because they have been known to cause death. For all these reasons we reject this as a healthy weight loss alternative. Non-stimulant Conjugated Linoleic Acid supplement by Feel Spirit will give you better weight loss results.

Biggest Loser Diet Review

The Biggest Loser Diet Review

The biggest loser diet is a no nonsense eating plan that promises rapid weight loss, prevention, and alleviation of weight related diseases. It is for everyone that wants to lose weight without starvation. The biggest loser diet plan is a healthy way for anyone to lose weight, but it can be very intense, and stressful due to the exercise involved.

This diet delivers the proper amount of protein, carbs, fat, and other nutrients needed for the proper functioning of the body. The diet also recommends drinking eight to ten glasses of water per day. The diet encourages its users to eat small, but regular meals at intervals. Ninety-five per cent of the foods are lean protein, low-fat dairy, low soy products, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans and nuts.

Who are the creators?

The biggest loser diet plan was developed by two dietitians, Cheryl Forberg – popular in UK, and Dr. Michael Dansinger from Australia, and two professional trainers, Jillian Michaels, and Bob Harper.


  • This diet involves a lot of exercise.
  • The biggest loser is a diet plan developed by dietitians and professional trainers.
  • The diet focuses on helping overweight and obese people lose weight without needing to starve themselves.
  • There is no maximum or minimum weight limit and the overall goal of this diet is to lose the highest amount of weight to become the biggest loser.

The Biggest Loser Diet: How Does it Work?

Anyone that wants to follow this plan will need to select one of the Biggest Loser books for guidance. The book is in two parts; Thirty Days Jump start, or the Six Weeks to a Healthier You, without Qsymia with Topiramate or Phentermine. This plan is easy to adhere to as it promises quick weight loss, a healthy body, a stronger body and it helps reduce cholesterol levels and blood pressure. It is a life transforming diet for anyone who is committed to it.

The Six Weeks to a Healthier You is a diet plan designed in the form of a 4-3-2-1 pyramid, in which the dieters are to choose any healthy choice of four servings of fruits and vegetables, three servings of protein, two whole grains and a snack or dessert having a maximum of 200 calories. The main purpose of this diet is to help users reduce unwanted weight.

This diet offers some added benefits of reducing your chances of developing type 2 diabetes without the need to take diet pills with Phentermine, such as Qsymia. It can help lower your blood pressure and reduce your chances of developing a heart disease, stroke and some forms of cancer.

The exercise is also a good step. Undergoing six weeks of healthy food and intense exercise will not only help in weight reduction, but will also help prevent or reduce dementia and Alzheimer’s, improve the heart health and boost the immune system. Users are encouraged to limit caloric intake, work out regularly and watch the pounds shed off. Obese and overweight people are very prone to the risk of heart disease, so this diet is a great plan for people that fall into this category.

Almost all the diet plans are high in fiber, but low in calories and low in salt and saturated fat. This helps in curbing appetite to a great extent. Consuming small portion size of snacks will help keep the sugar level and hunger low. This diet aids in the reduction of blood pressure, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. It should be noted that this diet enables people to shed weight and keep it off. The diet is relatively easy to follow in the sense that the dietary program does not ban any food group. In fact, it encourages frequent meals rich in either fiber or protein. It is designed to curb appetite and does not deprive you of vital nutrients.


The diet encourages caloric restriction which is a hard thing for most people to do. It leads to energy loss, muscle loss, sleep loss and low body performance. It is unscientific as it requires nothing less than four hours of intense training per day. Many people would want to try out this diet but the intense exercise will drive them away. Another concern is that the diet only focuses on weight loss rather than body composition change. Some people also criticize the plan as unreasonable for the average person because of its extremities.


  • The biggest loser diet is good as it provides all essential nutrients required by the body and apart from its caloric restriction, there is no limitation to foods users can eat.
  • It allows for any kinds of food but in a small portion sizes.
  • If the diet is followed as stipulated, the weight reduction will be fantastic.
  • It promises at least 133 pounds’ reduction in weight.
  • The essence of exercise during weight loss is the ability to shed off body fat while maintaining body muscle.
  • The diet is in conformity with what major health organization’s recommendations.


  • The diet comes with serious, grunt exercises.
  • Many dieters drop the diet due to the rigorous exercise it requires.
  • It is also time-consuming due to the time it requires to study food labels.
  • The diet is expensive.
  • No need to buy expensive prescription diet pills, such as Adipex P
  • It leads to a decrease in the body metabolism due to the low caloric intake.
  • Results vary from person to person.

Customers Reviews

  1. I was the heaviest person in my family. I was sick and obese. I had heart problems. This diet helped me change my eating style and helped me lose all the weight I needed to.”
  2. I needed a diet plan that worked. I had tried several of them. After trying this diet, it worked and I have lost 15 pounds on it so far.
  3. My heart used to hurt me, now there are no more aches. This diet has really helped me deal with some of the serious weight related issues I was dealing with.
  4. “I’d rather walk than drive now. My sugar levels are getting better and my blood pressure is improving.”
5 Stars Reviews The Biggest Loser Diet
5 stars - "I’m finally used to doing these exercises. I was very hypertensive and I had high sugar. The plan helped me and I’m a lot healthier." Based on 300,784 Votes since 2016!

Verdict – REJECTED

The intense physical exercise required by this program will make it difficult for most people to adopt. It is expensive and time consuming. For these reasons this diet is rejected as a good diet plan. Some medical doctors and nutritionist approved the diet since it is in conformity with what most health organizations recommend, but side effects that may come are just enormous. There is nothing unhealthy about this diet; it just takes a lot of dedication and effort to follow. If you can adopt it and follow it successfully, you will lose the weight on this plan. Not safe for pregnant or post pregnancy.

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet Review

Mediterranean diet – Olive oil is used extensively in this diet. It is classified as healthy fat. The Mediterranean diet is a mix of food consisting of high fiber content, low saturated fat, high protein, low carbs and high monounsaturated fat. This combination works to ensure weight loss and prevent weight gain. Its benefits include a significant reduction in the risk of heart disease due to its high usage of olive oil.

Who are the makers?

In 1975 biologist Ancel Keys and his wife Margaret Keys, a chemist, began the campaign for the Mediterranean diet. The campaign was initiated by Ancel Keys after he conducted an extensive study on the link between a low animal fat consumption diet and resistance to heart disease.  Speculations claim that the Mediterranean diet originated from Naples and Madrid. This diet plan was also traced to England; it was introduced by Giacomo Castelvetro during the early Renaissance period. The diet is also referred to as the Atlantic diet.  It is a widely held belief that the nature of food in Crete, Greece and Southern Italy in the 1960s was a significant influence on the development of the diet.


  • The Mediterranean diet is considered a very effective therapy for people with cardiovascular ailments.
  • The diet allows the consumption of red wine in modest quantities usually about one glass per day.
  • The diet is unique for its highly medicinal and yet truly delicious cuisine

The Mediterranean Diet: Who are the Makers?

The Mediterranean diet is mainly based on not diet pills, but fruits, vegetable, legumes, olive oil and whole grains. It also permits lean sources of protein which include poultry and fish. It is advised that a user eats fish and seafood a minimum of two times in a week. This diet is defined by a liberal addition of olive oil to almost all meals. Olive oil should be used in all baking and cooking practices. On this diet, you are prohibited from consuming processed foods including ice cream, pastries, candy, sodas and white bread to mention a few.

Daily Requirments

  • Fruits and vegetables: 5 to 10 daily servings of fruits and vegetables, preferably the low carbs variants. A serving is half a cup of cooked food or one cup if it is raw.
  • Healthy fats: 4 to 6 daily servings of healthy fats and oils. A teaspoon of olive oil or one-eighth of an avocado’s.
  • Spices and herbs: Use herbs and spices liberally in your cooking and salad dressing. They contain antioxidants and anti-inflammation compounds.
  • Seasonal eating: The diet promotes eating seasonal foods. Users are encouraged to visit open markets and farmers market to get the best organic seasonal options.
  • Legumes and nuts: Have a serving of cooked legumes at least twice a week. Eat nuts twice a week.
  • Fish and seafood: Eat a serving of fish weighing about 5-oz, at least twice or three times a week. Alternate with lean meat, eggs, and poultry in modest portions.
  • Whole grains:  You need four daily servings of whole grains. Available options include whole wheat bread, quinoa pasta, etc. Spiral vegetables are always great substitutes for refined pasta.
  • Diary: Take two to three daily servings of cultured dairy including cheese and yogurt. A serving is the same as a cup of milk or yogurt or one ounce of cheese.
  • Liquids: Water, coffee, green tea, and wine are consistent with the diet. This diet advises users to stay well hydrated.


There are few concerns about this diet because it is mostly beneficial, especially for the heart. Take care if you follow this diet; you should endeavor to increase your intake of calcium. The Mediterranean diet does not include a lot of calcium sources besides milk and yogurt which might not satisfy the prescribed daily dietary requirement.


  • The Mediterranean diet is very easy to follow.
  • It is quite effective in combating the levels of LDL cholesterol in the body.
  • Research has shown that people who use the Mediterranean diet had a significant reduction in the risk of stroke, cardiovascular ailments and heart attacks.
  • There are additional benefits like increased weight loss, decreased risk for mental illness like dementia and depression, and efficient management of blood sugar.
  • The Mediterranean diet includes a lot of recipes which prevents the diet from being monotonous and boring.
  • It advocates a very smooth transition to a healthy lifestyle.
  • The diet encourages a thoughtful consideration of the food, not Adipex, Qsymia or any other diet pills, users eat and reminds users to be cautious of the consequences of bad eating habits.


  • The high levels of gluten consumed in the bread and pasta which are fundamental parts of the diet have raised health concerns for users who are allergic to gluten.
  • There have also been reports linking the Mediterranean diet to the increasing rate of gluten induced ailments since the diet encourages the consumption of wheat bread and some other gluten-filled baked goods.
  • The diet would not be good for those who are allergic to seafood or those who dislike olive oil.
  • This diet does not consider Qsymia diet pills, because of the side effects or any other supplements for weight loss
  • Qsymia with Topiramate cannot be taken along with this diet period.

Customers Reviews

  1. “I have never been good at exercising or sticking to a diet plan. I didn’t have any problems adapting the Mediterranean diet. The food was good and offered me a lot of different foods to choose from. I have lost over 40 pounds on this diet.”
  2. “I lost 30 pounds on this diet and I discovered that I love seafood!”
    “This diet has helped me lose 35 pounds and it has helped me lower my high blood pressure.”
  3. “The Mediterranean diet is easy to follow and it helped me reach my weight loss goals.”
  4. “After I retired I gained a lot of weight. A friend of mine recommended the Mediterranean diet to me and I have lost over 40 pounds on it. I feel great!”

Verdict – Approved

The Mediterranean diet is based upon the use of olive oil. Much research has been conducted on olive oil, and the findings have linked its consumption with a reduced risk of cardiovascular ailments and stroke. Health practitioners are swift to prescribe this diet to patients who have been diagnosed with heart ailments. It has been suggested that following the Mediterranean diet will ensure protection and lessen the risk of having a myriad of diseases including stage 2 diabetics, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. Customer reviews were fantastic. For these reasons, we approve the Mediterranean diet as a healthy long-term diet plan. If followed correctly it will help you lose weight and maintain a healthy body composition.