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Can I Buy Phentermine Online without prescription?

The answer is no, you cannot buy Phentermine online except from the few legitimate online pharmacies in USA, UK or Australia that require a prescription. In the United States, it is a Schedule IV controlled substance, meaning that attempting to purchase it without a prescription is a violation of federal drug possession and distribution laws. If you attempt to purchase this medication from a site that does not require a prescription, you are not only breaking the law but also threatening your health as well. The pills that you purchase may be expired, adulterated, or counterfeit, and are subject to seizure by US customs at the border. In the event you don’t receive what you ordered for whatever reason you will have no recourse against these rogue websites that are located outside of the United States.

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Before prescribing this drug, your doctor will conduct a thorough health check to determine whether or not it is appropriate for you. You will have tell your doctor about all the medications that you are taking, your medical history (including substance abuse) and medical conditions and allergies that you may have. This is crucial because this drug has a variety of cautions, making it unsuitable for many patients. In particular, you should tell your doctor if you are taking Prozac, Luvox, insulin medication, Paxil, Zoloft, and any MAO inhibitors. Your doctor will analyze your medical history to determine whether or not it is appropriate for you, and if your weight problems are serious enough to warrant your use of this drug. Typically, doctors will only prescribe Phentermine to a patient if they have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or greater, although this limit can be reduced to 27 in some cases if a patient is suffering from either diabetes or heart disease. However, patients with those conditions are also at greater risk for suffering potentially serious side effects from this medication.

I have Diabetes, can I take weight loss drugs?

The answer to this question can only be determined by your doctor. Patients suffering from diabetes may be able to take Phentermine if their doctor determines it is safe, but it may not be possible because it can interact with insulin, and you may have to change the amount of insulin that you take. Your doctor will consider diabetes – as well as any other medical conditions that you may have – when deciding whether or not to write you a prescription.

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Weight loss goals

This medication is not a “magic pill” or a standalone solution to obesity that will cause you to lose a significant amount of weight without diet or exercise. Instead, it is intended for use as part of an overall plan of lifestyle changes through which patients can make progress towards addressing their weight problems. When your doctor writes you a prescription they will work with you to determine a plan. It is important to note that you will need to maintain your weight loss plan after you stop taking Phentermine, because you will only be able to take it for more than 12 weeks.

Once prescribed where to buy?

Once a patient has a prescription, they can take it to any pharmacy to fill it. They can fill their prescription whether it is a brick and mortar or online pharmacy. This is true both for time-released and instant release versions. If a patient is prescribed Qysmia, which is a combination with Topiramate, then they cannot obtain this medication at local or online pharmacies, and need to get it from specialized mail order pharmacies.

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So buying Phentermine without prescription online is a crime?

Yes. It is a controlled substance that can only be purchased with a prescription. Purchasing it without one is a violation of state and federal drug laws and also potentially a major risk to your health.

As a controlled substance, this drug can only be purchased with a doctor’s prescription. Online pharmacies that offer any prescription drugs for sale without prescription are in violation of federal laws. Any legitimate online pharmacy will only sell it to a patient with a prescription from a doctor. The US government has repeatedly taken enforcement actions against these websites, shutting down 1677 of them in May 2013 and more than 16,000 websites in 2012. In addition, customers ordering drugs shipped from outside the United States face the likelihood that US Customs and Border Protection will seize the shipment at the border. If this happens the person ordering is out of luck and most likely unable to obtain a refund.

Are there health risks if I buy it online without prescription?

In addition to the violations of the law committed by online pharmacies, there are also health risks as well. When they were investigating the online pharmacies, FDA investigators purchased Phentermine and other drugs and found that in many cases what was being shipped to customers was counterfeit medication that was falsely misrepresented as being real. These counterfeit drugs can contain ingredients that are harmful to those who take them.

Consumers thinking about ordering online should take a look at the risks: that their shipment will be seized by customs, and that even if they do receive it, there is absolutely no guarantee that what they receive will be anything at all. Anyone thinking about purchasing online without a prescription should recognize that there are better alternatives available.

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