Weight Loss Results On Adipex P

​Adipex-P is a brand name prescription medication containing Phentermine for significant weight loss. This drug has been used for weight loss since the 1950s and has been shown to be safe and effective when taken according to a physician’s recommendations.



It can be expected for women to lose about 3 to 6 pounds per month, while males should lose about 5 to 8 pounds per month with a low calorie diet and exercise while taking prescription Adipex-P

​ It is generally prescribed to individuals whose overall health is at risk due to obesity. Severe obesity can be a main contributor to heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and premature death. Phentermine is classified as an amphetamine based upon its chemical makeup. Adipex-P is prescribed by physicians alongside reduced caloric intake, increased physical activity, as well as overall lifestyle changes. It is not yet known whether Phentermine works by changing the body’s metabolic rate, affecting energy consumption and expenditure, or through neurological processes in the brain. With this ambiguity, however, it has shown to provide statistically significant reductions in weight in individuals who are suffering with obesity.

Weight Loss Results

​So, what kind of weight loss results can you expect if you are prescribed to Adipex-P? For those who have struggled with dieting alone, the addition of Phentermine has proven to significantly increase weight loss results. Those who take this drug along with dieting and exercise have noticed a substantial decrease in appetite and cravings as well as an increase in physical energy expenditure. This combination of consuming less calories while burning more calories affects weight loss much more considerably than dieting alone.

How much weight can you lose per month

​The specific amount of weight lost per month while taking Adipex-P will vary among different individuals. It will also depend on a number of other factors, such as diet plan and how much the individual is decreasing their caloric intake, the specific dosage that is prescribed by a doctor, the starting weight of the individual, amount of physical activity (especially aerobic exercise), gender, and a number of other environmental and genetic variables. A 1968 double blind study published in The British Medical Journal examined three groups of 36 women. Two of these groups were given Phentermine to assist in their weight loss efforts. Both of the experimental groups were given 15 mg doses, but one of them only received the Phentermine every other month. The group who was given continuous Phentermine lost an average weight of 27 pounds or an average of 3.2 pounds per month. The intermittent group lost an average of 28 pounds or an average of 3.4 pounds per month. A more recent study occurred in Korea in 2005. This study utilized the traditional 37.5 mg dosage of Phentermine HCL each day. The sample group for the study consisted of 34 adults including, both, men and women. Each participant consumed 1,500 calories per day during the research study. At 14 weeks the experimental group (treatment group) lost an average of 16.5 pounds, which equates to about five pounds per month. Another study at UCLA in 2003 examined 188 Phentermine users, both men and women, who consumed just 500 to 800 calories per day. Phentermine doses ranged from 8 mg to 30 mg each day. These participants were also instructed to exercise 45 minutes a day three days a week. At twelve weeks, the females had lost an average of 17.6 pounds total or about 6.3 pounds per month. The males had lost an average total of 21.3 pounds or about 7.6 pounds per month. It is worthy to note that in all three of these studies, the most significant weight loss occurred within the first month and began to taper off afterwards. This is very common with most all weight loss regimens. This explains why the first study showed the smallest numbers, as the study was carried out over the longest period of time. At the same time, the Phentermine users maintained their weight loss more effectively over time than the control groups. Based upon the results of these studies, women can expect to lose and average of three to six pounds per month, while men can expect to lose an average of five to eight pounds per month with a low calorie diet and regular exercise while prescribed to Adipex-P.

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