Qsymia Vs. Adipex P

f you are on the hunt for a prescription diet pill and have been considering any of the many makers of phentermine products, you have likely heard of Qsymia and are likely interested in finding out more about this product.



But what is it that sets Qsymia apart from the competition? The difference is that Qsymia adds another medication to the mix called Topiramate. While Adipex P with only ingredient, Phentermine HCL and the many generic forms of it are effective in appetite suppression and weight loss, the addition of Topiramate seems to yield better results. Researchers have been conducting research for quite some time to find ideal drugs to mix with phentermine to assist with weight loss support.

​One of these drugs was Fenfluramine, which caused heart valve complications in many of its users. Fen-Phen was taken off the market, but that didn’t mean that scientists weren’t still searching for a better and safer combination drug. The Topiramate that Qsymia added has thus far proven to be that safer and more effective drug, and it has proven to be not only a top choice, but the only choice, since its approval by the United States Food and Drug Administration in 2012. Topiramate is an anticonvulsant that also has a side effect of weight loss. Previously, doctors would sometimes prescribe phentermine and Topiramate together to help an obese patient suppress their appetite and lose weight, so Vivus Inc made the genius move of manufacturing Qsymia.

​When an individual is prescribed to Phentermine, they are also “prescribed” to a lower calorie diet. This can come along with intense cravings that can overcome the effects of the appetite suppression with phentermine. And the patient is supposed to continuously decrease caloric intake over time, day by day. This can make the craving get more intense over that time, as well. However, Topiramate has shown to decrease the powerful cravings, and some patients have even referred to it as a mood stabilizer for them, since the cravings can make an individual cranky and on edge. It can also be mentally damaging when an individual gives in to those cravings and interferes with their own personal progress. So, the fact that Topiramate alleviates these strong cravings has made this combination drug one of the top choices for those who need to lose a significant amount of weight, those whose life depends on it. Topiramate truly seems to make Phentermine more tolerable for the patient and makes the entire process much easier. One other major difference to not about Qsymia is that it is approved for longer term use, unlike Phentermine alone. This can be advantageous for those who may have a slower track plan to weight loss. The cost of Qsymia can also be lower with certain insurance plans, so it would be a worthy investment of time to speak with your doctor and insurance provider to find which medication is right for you and your weight loss goals as well as your wallet!

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5 stars - "In my opinion Qsymia works better compare to Adipex P, because of topiramate. It is not just plane Phentermine HCL pill like Adipex. Combo of Phentermine / Topiramate makes huge difference. I switched from Adipex P to Qsymia and I am happy!" Based on 135,123 Votes since 2009!

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